What does it mean to dream about arrowhead

To see an arrowhead in your dream symbolizes your determination, direction and goal. You are planning a path toward success.

To see a broken arrowhead in your dream represents failure in moving toward your goals.

To dream that you find arrowheads refer to your abandoned goals. They symbolize your ideas that never took off or came to fruition.

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In my dream last night I found an array of beautiful, priceless stones tucked away on the beach of some mountainous lake in Canada. Then, I also found an arrowhead. It was tan in color and had many intricate dotted designs carved into it. The very top (not the point) had a small piece broken off. In my dream I felt very proud to have found this, I took it as a positive sign from my ancestors. I was happy and showed it off to my loved ones.

What do you think the meaning behind this was?

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