Dream meaning of apricot

If you see apricots in a dream, it symbolises prosperity.

The previous period has been successful, you have achieved many unplanned goals.

You allowed yourself to relax and enjoy the things you were doing, so the results followed.

Everyone will notice that you are in a good mood and happy with your life even before you say anything.

If you eat apricots

If you eat apricots

To dream that you are eating apricots means you are picky.

You are at the best time of your life, when you should carefully decide which person you want to start a serious relationship with.

You have many criteria that your future partner must meet, but you’re not going to give them up for fear of being alone.

If you eat unripe apricots

This dream means that someone or something will not meet your expectations.

You’ll probably realize that you’ve idolized someone too much or that the relationship you’re currently in isn’t what you really want.

Disappointment may also be work-related, as you may realise that the work you’re doing within the company is requiring more sacrifice than you could have imagined.

If you eat rotten apricots

Rotten apricots symbolize lack of self-confidence in a dream.

There is a chance that something will happen and you will begin to doubt your talents, skills, knowledge and the thing you thought you were best at.

If you think a little more about how it happened, you’ll realize that you can’t let a situation or person control your plans, decisions and actions.

Forget this and make sure you restore your motivation to be even better than before.

Eating dried apricots

Dried apricots symbolize beautiful moments with those you love most.

You might decide to travel somewhere with your family or partner or throw a party.

Communicating with other people will help you overcome the stress you are currently feeling and recharge your batteries for new challenges in life.

If you pick bad apricots

When you dream that you are picking rotten apricots, it means that your effort will not pay off.

There’s a chance that you’re starting a business that used to be just a hobby or a way to pass the time.

However, you will face many obstacles and problems on your way to success. You can’t rely on profit, at least not yet.

If you buy apricots

To dream of buying apricots means that you have true friends with you who enrich your life and make you a better person.

You can always count on them and share with them success, happiness and joy, but also less beautiful feelings like worries and fears.

Their support during the previous few difficult months has meant a lot to you, as they have shown incredible willingness and selflessness in helping you out of your crisis.

If you sell apricots

This dream symbolizes a financial crisis…

Your job may be in question now, when you need money the most.

Your superior may decide to transfer you to another job to save money on your salary, or send you on a long vacation without paid expenses.

You will probably have to save a lot even when you find an additional source of income.

Giving apricots to someone

A dream in which you give apricots to someone means that you will soon realise that you were born at the wrong time, because your current value system doesn’t suit you at all.

Your parents have raised you to believe that honesty, politeness and kindness are the most important traits a person can have.

However, as you get older, you begin to realize that people who don’t possess such values are far more successful than you are.

You begin to doubt the things your parents taught you, because you don’t see what benefits you will gain from them in life.

However, you are too young to simply give up everything.

If you get apricots as a gift

If you dream that someone gives you apricots as a gift, it symbolizes love problems.

You may have recently realized that your loved one doesn’t have the same visions of your future life together as you do.

They’re looking at everything in the short term, while you’re trying to plan things and work towards a better future.

Sometimes you feel like they don’t even want to think about the future, which makes you extremely sad.

It’s time to figure out what you want out of life and learn to love them instead of trying to change them.

If love isn’t enough in your case, it means you should seek happiness with someone else.

If you steal apricots

When you steal apricots in a dream, it means you like someone unavailable to you for some reason.

You might already be in a relationship or not even know you exist.

You, on the other hand, fantasize about being together all the time.

You think you have similar traits and would get along well.

Feelings for the person you idolize will pass when you meet someone who manages to fully capture your attention.

If you see someone else stealing apricots in your dream, it means that your friend will ask you to introduce them to a relative or acquaintance of yours.

You will be the mediator in their romance from the start, but be careful not to get too involved in everything, as you could get into trouble if the relationship doesn’t last.

If you plant an apricot tree

If you dream that you plant an apricot tree, it symbolizes positive changes in your life. These can be related to your workplace or your home. You will decide to settle in a new place because you think it will suit you better than your previous one. It will turn out that you have been absolutely right over time.

If you dream that other people are planting apricots it means that you will join a charity to help a person, a family or even an institution. You’ll realise that you can’t do much on your own, but you can make big changes with a group of people. This will be the start of your work as a humanitarian.

Mystical meaning: Mystical meaning:
If you see apricots in your dream, growing on a tree, it’s a sign that, although your future now appears rosy to you, underneath this mask hides bitterness and pain.

If you eat apricots in your dream, you are in the presence of catastrophic influences. When you see other people eating apricots you will discover that your entourage is no longer happy with you at all

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2 Definitions
  1. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 8, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    Luck in everything but love is forecast by a dream of eating this fruit. If the apricots were dried or preserved, look for a meddlesome hypocrite among your associates.

  2. The Dream Encyclopedia July 4, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    This fruit is a good sign if it is ripe, but if it is green, look out for family quarrels and business depression.

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