Dream meaning of apartment

Dreaming about living in an apartment when you don’t really live in one can symbolize being in a temporary place in your life, or in a transition phase.

To See of Selling an Apartment

To see of selling an apartment in your dream implies that you will gain profit from bad jobs and this can be your habit in the future by having always undeserved gain.

To Dream That the Apartment is Destroyed

To dream that the apartment is destroyed implies that your relationship will come to the finish point because of your problems.If you don’t draw in your horns, you won’t save your relationship.

To See a New Apartment in Your Dream

To see a new apartment in your dream implies that your family will support you and you will be a property owner with this support and money which you save. To make an apartment done in your dream signifies that you will receive a recompense for your work.

Apartments are commonly associated with temporary dwellings, so think along the lines of anything that’s temporary.

The idea applies quite often to relationships, especially romantic ones. If you dream about living in an apartment with someone you’re dating, but you don’t actually live together or live in an apartment, you know right away it’s symbolism. It’s likely to be a way of saying your relationship is in transition, or you know deep inside that the relationship is temporary.

The idea of being in transition applies to yourself, too. People going through personal or life changes are known to dream more frequently about living in an apartment. It’s a way of saying “between places in life.”

An apartment can symbolize being apart from someone. It can reflect being apart figuratively, such as when opinions differ or emotional connection is lacking.

Apartments can symbolize difficulty controlling your living space. Apartments are known for being close to neighbors, and neighbors are a variable that’s difficult to control.

The symbolism of apartments can connect with the association that people live in them when they have limited personal and financial resources.
Of course, living in an apartment can be driven by convenience and choice, too.

Dream About an Apartment Where You Used to Live

When you dream about an apartment where you used to live, it can refer to that time of your life. Something started back then that continues today or is relevant to it.

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  1. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 8, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    A straightforward dream. If the apartment was small and/or uncomfortable, you will have to persevere and try to avoid family quarrels; but if it was large and/or luxurious, you can expect a steady increase in prosperity.

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