Dream meaning of ants

The symbolism of ants is usually built around associations such as being busy, always on the move. Busy urban environments are compared to ant colonies because of the bustle and crowding.

Ants can symbolize feeling like a cog in the machine, one worker among many. You feel that your uniqueness or individuality is not valued.

Dreams are the result of our mind’s creations which we see while we sleep. It is almost always very difficult for us to remember dreams once we wake up, however, throughout the different phases of sleep our subconscious is working in a degree of activation that leads it to produce not one but several dreams during the nap.

As humans, we are curious by nature, in addition to wanting to remember what our dream was, we also want to know what meaning it contains. And indeed, they do. Each dream needs to be interpreted individually and personally, since they are conditioned by the experiences lived by each individual. However, there are a series of general interpretations that can be very helpful to find the meaning of our dreams.

Dreaming about a specific animal is something that happens to almost all of us, especially when we have experienced a close encounter with that animal, whether it is a real or virtual experience, an image or an anecdote we have heard. It is in our dreams where the events of our life are regularly reflected, especially when one of them leaves an emotionally strong mark. That is why when we have a peculiar dream, we should not think too much about it since they end up being a reflection of our experiences and feelings.

However, if by chance we have a dream with ants, either one or many, without having had a recent experience with them, then pay attention because your dream has a meaning and can vary greatly depending on the dream experience. Read on and find out what it means to dream of ants.

What does it mean to dream of ants?

In principle, when dreaming, we compare various qualities or ideas usual to each animal, either for cultural causes or because a personal experience has created that idea, as is usually the fidelity of dogs or the independence of cats. So then our dreams end up being a reflection of us through those qualities that we have given to these animals.

When it comes to dreaming about ants, the qualities we attribute to these little animals vary greatly according to our culture, the region where we live and the experiences we have had with this peculiar animal. For some people, the meaning of dreaming with ants is closely linked to characteristics such as perseverance, teamwork, effort and sacrifice, because of the great strengths that ants possess in this area. Therefore, the meaning of dreaming of ants is highly related to our personal development and the achievement of our life goals.

However, for other people ants are a sign of scarcity, poverty and disease. They compare them to insect pests with unfavorable and unhealthy conditions. That is why dreaming of ants can be related to the presence of economic problems or fear of falling ill. However, although these are vague and generic interpretations, there are many variations depending on the specific characteristics of the dream.

Dreaming of black ants

The most frequent dream experience when dreaming of ants are dreams of black ants. This type of dreams with ants can be taken as a challenging challenge for us, it is likely that it is about some special goal that we have pending to achieve, as it can also be an irrational fear that we are suffering and so far we have not been able to overcome. These unfulfilled goals or pending tasks that have not been completed as they should be, may be a consequence of our insecurity, so they are expressed through dreams with black ants.

Dreams with red ants

Perhaps this is not very pleasant for us, since dreaming of red ants has a not very positive interpretation. Red ants are the most aggressive of all their species, which reflects a distrust of us towards other people. We are not at ease with those around us and we are in the middle of a stage where a betrayal can trigger our economic or sentimental ruin.

Dreaming of ants in bed

The most common meaning of dreaming of ants in bed is that there are several problems that, although unimportant, are present in the day to day and cause discomfort. Therefore, when we have dreams with ants in bed, where we see how these creatures invade one of our most personal and intimate spaces, it means the presence of an unimportant annoyance, but that despite this it is necessary to solve it.

Dreams with big ants

In dreams it is common to see ants of different sizes, therefore, dreaming of big ants has its specific meaning. When in our dreams we see big or giant ants, we are witnessing something positive, but at the same time negative.to dream of big ants can be interpreted as a message from our subconscious indicating that we are ready to achieve success and get what we have proposed. However, dreaming of big ants can also be seen as a warning sign, since we are going through a delicate stage in our life. The meaning is subject to the sensations experienced during the dream.

Dreaming of many ants

To dream of many ants that are working, has a close relationship with work. It is an indication that we need to put more effort in what we are doing. Similarly, it is related to the fact that something in our life is not being carried out correctly.

Dreams with small ants

Just as dreaming of big ants, dreaming of small ants has both positive and negative meanings. Everything will depend on our feelings during the dream experience. Ants, although small, if they get together they can accomplish many incredible things. Therefore, our dream may indicate that it is necessary to work as a team with the people around us to achieve what we seek. Because of their size, they become very fragile creatures. For this reason, the message of dreaming about small ants can serve as a reminder that we are still fragile. It is necessary to pay attention to the personal situation in which we find ourselves.

Dreaming of Killing Ants

If you are stepping on ants or destroying a nest, this could potentially mean you are either changing your work or coming to completion of a project you found stressful or as a irritating.

See ants carrying food

If the ants are carrying food in your dream, this could mean that you are on your way to seeing the reward of your hard work.

It may also suggest you need to think about cooperating with others.

An infestation of ants

An infestation of ants, or ant bites, can symbolize something that irritates you. It’s probably a small irritation or something you try to overlook, since ants are small creatures easily overlooked.

Along this line, ants can get into anything, and that association can be used to create symbolism related to an inability to keep something out of your life.

It always finds a way back in.

Ants working or moving

If you dream of seeing ants at work in your dream this is usually an indicator that you are going to be faced with an important or difficult project.

However, seeing ants working may also signify that you wish to explore something bigger as an individual, since ants are small in nature and work in a team environment.

Dream About Ants in House

If you are dreaming of ants in your house, it means there is an aspect about yourself or your life that could need some work or attention.

You may also want to look at the meaning of houses in dreams to understand the dream meaning further.

Ant Farms in Dreams

An ant farm can mean that you seek organization and structure in your career or professional matters, or it can mean that you are doing work that you really enjoy. It can also mean that you enjoy working systematically and productively.


Physical Physical
You are focusing on diligence, hard work, and foresight. You need to work more closely with others, or perhaps you’re losing your individuality by conforming to social pressures. Ants inside your body can be toxins that need to be cleansed.


Emotional Emotional
Something may be bugging you, especially if ants are invading your house. You are irritated or in turmoil. Biting ants symbolize unkind acts and words.


Spiritual Spiritual
You are experiencing a collective consciousness that operates in harmony for the good of all.


An attribute of Ceres, ants were utilized in soothsaying. There is an Indian myth in which they symbolize the pettiness of all things living—the fragile character and impotence of existence; but they also represent the life which is superior to human life. On account of their multiplicity, their symbolic significance is unfavourable.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

Ants have a rich symbolic tradition out of proportion to their small size.

Positively, they have been used to represent diligence, hard work, and foresight (because they store up food for lean times).

Less positively, they have been deployed as a symbol of conformity and mass action. Most contemporary urban dwellers experience ants only as pests that disturb picnics and invade our kitchens, making them creatures that “bug” human beings.

As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which interpretation is appropriate.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

When they are associated with pleasant oneiric images, ants are synonymous with difficult preparation work. But on many occasions, their multiplicity provokes an unfavorable meaning.

If you see them invading your house, it demonstrates stress you suffer from problems that worry you. The most serious is to dream that they cover your body: this could reflect certain mental disorders. To dream of ants can also be a sign of a cutaneous eruption.

Winged ants augur dangerous journeys. To squash them, destruction of your own fortune.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

If, in your dream, you observed the interesting organized activity of these industrious creatures, a change of business or position would be beneficial; but if they were in food or on clothing, as pests, you will have a spell of frustration and hard work before achieving independence.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

The ubiquitous ant is generally the smallest creature we think about on any regular basis. As such, ants represent our thoughts that are running their course at the very bottom of our consciousness. All animals in the dreamscape relate to instincts and thought patterns. The sheer number of ants in a colony and the supremacy of their organization connect them to anxiety and pervasive thoughts that crawl along the bottom of our consciousness and can irritate us and cause distress.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

If you dream of ants in nature, you are working hard and getting the job done. You are a team player, or you need to be. If ants come into your house, you are losing control of your home situation. If you don’t do something, it could all fall apart.

The Dream Encyclopedia

Business will be good through your industry if you dream of ants, but if you kill any of them – the opposite may be expected.

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