Dream meaning of alarm

To hear or pull an alarm in your dream suggests that you are experiencing a conflict in a relationship or situation which is giving your much anxiety. You may be questioning the decisions you have made.

Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on an “alarming” situation which needs your immediate attention. You need to spring into action quickly.



Physical Physical
If you hear an alarm you are warning yourself to pay attention to your health, habits, inner tensions and pain, or how you act in the world.


Emotional Emotional
You are bringing an alarming situation to light. Someone is not who they seem to be or something that seems safe might not be.


Spiritual Spiritual
You are telling yourself to wake up, be aware of inner truth, a message of guidance, and to be more alert to a new period of heightened creativity.
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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

As in real life, alarms that appear in dreams are warnings against danger that must be taken into account to avoid unpleasant situations; especially if these images are frequent.

The oneiric alarms can be sirens, whistles, shouts, or light signals. In the latter case, if they are located in a door or window it means that people that you trust could betray you.

If it is yourself who sets the alarm off, then you must take on your projects as soon as possible; situations that could alter those plans may appear later.

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