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Airports can symbolize a time of transition. Something about you or your life is changing. Or you want to reach a personal destination such as a goal or ambition and are moving toward it, but it hasn’t gotten off the ground. An airport can symbolize thinking about what comes next in your life.

It can symbolize waiting for something to happen.

You feel delayed or inconvenienced. Air travel can involve a lot of waiting, and sometimes it’s a big hassle. Those associations can be used to create symbolism.

A canceled flight can symbolize something hoped-for that doesn’t materialize.

The idea of a plane’s arrival can be applied to situations such as a child coming into your life or the birth of something new in yourself.

The idea of departure can be applied to death or to a departure from old ways or habits, or from a time of your life, such as when getting married and leaving behind single life.

Airports are points of departure, such as when you’re leaving behind old beliefs or practices or a time of life. You’re ready to move on from something.
On the other hand, arriving at an airport can connect with the idea of starting something new or achieving the success or ambition you seek.

Physically, an airport can symbolize lungs.
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To see an airport in your dream symbolizes birth (arrivals) and death (departures). If the airport is busy, then it signifies the desire for freedom, high ideals, ambition, and hopes.

It is an indication that you are approaching a new departure in your life. Some new idea is taking off or is ready to take off. You may be experiencing a new relationship, new career path or new adventure.

To dream of a deserted airport indicates that your plans or goals will be changed or delayed. You are having to put some aspect of your life on hold.



Physical Physical
A small plane means you’re focusing on a localized reality. Taking off shows a new venture is ready to occur. If a plane can’t get off the ground, the venture may be stuck or held back. Landing signifies bringing inspiration, ideas, or energies back to incorporate into your life or body. Missing a plane means you’re missing an opportunity.


Emotional Emotional
A hang glider represents an experience of personal joy and inspiration. The way you feel while riding in or piloting an aircraft shows how you deal with the unknown. Having to fly a plane when you don’t know how indicates you’re reaching for heights you haven’t attained before and are anxious.


Spiritual Spiritual
You’re focusing on your freedom and power to rise above challenges and obtain higher perspective. A plane crash signals the end of your involvement with a series of beliefs. A jet represents concepts you hold in common with many other people. A rocket indicates you’re moving rapidly toward spiritual knowledge. A UFO symbolizes a collective consciousness catalyzed by many souls of similar developmental awareness.
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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

Some new idea or venture may be ready to take off. If planes can’t get off the ground, the venture may be grounded for awhile. An airport can also represent a transition in one’s life.

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