Dream meaning of address

To dream of your old address suggests that you need to take a look back at the past and learn from it.
To dream of a new address indicates the need for change.

Dream Meaning of Searching an Address

An unfamiliar address in dreams can represent nostalgia for past experiences in your home. If you are trying to find a building or property.

Searching for an address can indicate that you will encounter an unpleasant situation.

Dream Meaning of Describing an Address

It shows that you help someone who is your kith and kin for getting out of a scrape.

Thus, your friendship is getting better, all the hardships and sorrows fall behind, you make up for your mistakes, you defeat all your enemies and opponents.

Dream Meaning of Giving an Address

It is an indicator of leading the way for someone who is inexperienced in his job and helping him to reach better positions.

Dream Meaning of an ip address

The ip address is a fairly modern thing, in fact, I remember the days of no Internet whatsoever.  in our modern world in order to understand the dreaming of an IP address we need to turn to psychology.

Maybe you were a hacker in the dream? Whatever the reason to see an IP address is connected to your identity in everyway and can in dreams indicate you need to understand your own identity.

Dream Meaning of Enquiring about an Address

This dream shows that despite many works and confessed projects, desired things never will happen, always there will be incomplete doings, you will be pressed for money and maybe you will argue with your beloved ones.

Also, it means that you will have to converse with a wicked person or you will not break the ice between you and someone offended by you.

Dream Meaning of a childhood address

To dream of a childhood address, or a place that you use living as a child indicates that you are looking to expand your horizons or capabilities in life.

You need to look at yourself and how your inner child is affected and your own current well being.

Dream Meaning of address labels

Sticking address labels in a dream indicates how you stick to a situation.

To see a letter with an address label indicates that people are going to turn to you for comfort and advice.

Predominantly the address label can also signify the fact that you are losing track of your goals which is what I described in the previous paragraph. If you see a letter with an address label in the dream then through hardship you prosper.


To dream that you are addressing an envelope represents your need to explore more possibilities. Weigh your options carefully before making a final decision.

Alternatively, the dream suggests that you have found your direction in life and are ready to pursue your goals.

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited » Margaret Hamilton

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